Jacob Ngarivhume today led the campaign in the deep parts of Mashonaland West in areas that previously were considered no-go-areas for the opposition. People trickled in from Magunje and surrounding areas to witness for themselves the progression of the change project.

The atmosphere was electric, the mood on-point and the enthusiasm was roof-shattering. Those whom we interviewed were pointing out that this was the first time they have had to come out and attend a rally without the fear of being beaten or teargassed.

There was group of first-time voters who had time to meet with Mr Ngarivhume and spoke about their hopes and wishes.

Top on their wish-list was Jobs. There is high unemployment in Mashonaland West just like all the other parts of the country. Mr Ngarivhume then addressed them pointing to the policies that MDC Alliance will pursue to get Zimbabwe working again.

He spoke about fixing the land tenure issues so that people could begin to access lines of capital and get the land producing for the country with some semblance of certainty.

He also talked about MDC’s intention to rehabilitate and improve the transport systems so that markets can be opened for Magunje, Karoi and other parts of the country. People should be able to sell anywhere in the country conveniently and timely.