MDC Deputy Secretary General Pauline Mpariwa today led a delegation to Mount Darwin in Mashonaland Central.  This is another area that has witnessed high cases of intimidation and violence against opposition supporters. In this foray the Mpariwa delegation had one objective – to assure people that the Alliance has their best interest at heart and is at hand to represent them in good and bad times.

People began trickling to the venue just before 10am, many from the surrounding rural areas. Fear is still a major factor as most people who were at the rally spoke about how much caution they had to exercise before attending. There is still major uncertainty over the motives of the currently government. Some think it is just the calm before the storm. They still remember the violence of 2008.

Madam Mpariwa then addressed the gathering and touched on a number of policy issues that would have a direct bearing on the people of Mt Darwin. She spoke about the state of Education in the district. She noted the miserable state of schools in Kaitano, Chiwande ,Mukumbura, Katarira and Chisecha which have on average just 3 trained teachers. She spoke about how MDC would revamp the prestige of the education system in Zimbabwe by training, equipping and remunerating teachers well while revamping the school infrastructure.

Healthcare is another major issue in the area as most of the Rural clinics are understaffed. She listened to harrowing stories of neglect by the central government. Kamutsenzere Clinic , Mutasa Clinic , Nembire Clinic, Dotito RHC Clinic , Pachanza Clinic are all understaffed and sometimes go for months without essential medicines. She then assured the people that MDC government will not only seek to improve the clinics but that everything also depended on how the party would handle the economy.

She spoke about how it is necessary to revamp the road networks so that villagers can quickly get their produce to market. A good economy would also help people access capital for their projects which she said MDC will have a keen interest in establishing economic zones and assisting Small Scale Entrepreneurs to develop and grow.

She ended by encouraging people to be vigilant and register to vote.