MDC Principal Tendai Biti left the people of Makoni West invigorated when he delivered a thunderous speech that focused on what an MDC Alliance government would mean for a new Zimbabwe. Biti was dispatched to Matsika Rural Service Center  , Makoni West in Manicaland to deliver an assurance to the people that the Alliance was the best alternative for a prosperous Zimbabwe.

People thronged the usually sleepy area as early as  8am. They were coming as far off as Chigora, Dumba, Chidamunyu just to hear the message of change. Many still have vivid memories of the rally by Dr Morgan Tsvangirai at this very place in 2015. The meeting started by a minute of silence in remembrance of the iconic leader.

Tendai Biti then took to the podium to address issues related to fear. He pointed out the scars that people carried because of the reign of terror that was perpetrated by the likes of Didymus Mutasa in this constituency. He thanked people for being strong and persistent against all odds. He then implored people to pull stronger as the finishing line is now in sight.

Biti touched on the issues of the economy, speaking about MDC Allaince’s plans to revamp the economy which include increasing domestic production while re-integrating the country with the global economy. He talked about investor confidence and how money follows good governance. For the people of Makoni he spoke about how a boisterous economy means more opportunity for Jobs, more markets for produce and higher income from sales. He spoke about the need to improve roads,  postal and telecommunications services so that Zimbabweans can begin to do more businesses amongst themselves.

People interviewed at the rally expressed hope and optimism but most fear that the history of rigging and manipulation might happen again.

Part of the crowd at Chitsika