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Judge Reserves Judgement In Khupe Case

Judge Reserves Judgement In Khupe Case

A High Court judge in Bulawayo has reportedly reserved judgment to next week on whether or not to accept as an urgent application the matter in which the MDC T is seeking an interim order to bar expelled Thokozani Khupe from using the party name and logo.

The Adv Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T last month fired Thokozani Khupe together with her two allies Mr Abednigo Bhebhe and Mr Obert Gutu, following a national council meeting resolutions.

 Prior to his dismissal, Mr Bhebhe was the party’s national organising secretary while Mr Gutu held the post of national party spokesperson.

Adv Chamisa lawyers Atherstone and Cook Legal Practitioners, filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court citing Dr Khupe, Mr Bhebhe and Mr Gutu, as respondents.

Adv Chamisa is seeking an order stopping the respondents from “unlawfully exploiting and abusing its registered MDC-T trademark, symbols and signs.”

In his founding affidavit, MDC-T acting chairperson Mr Morgen Komichi said: “This is an application for an order interdicting the respondents from unlawfully using the applicant’s name in the pursuit of their political agenda and infringing on registered trademarks. The respondents were dismissed as members and office bearers of the party on 23 March 2018”.

Mr Komichi said Dr Khupe and her allies were causing confusion and misleading MDC-T followers by continuing to use the party trademark, symbols and signs. “Notwithstanding the dismissal, which effectively terminated their membership, the respondents have, in common purpose, purported to present themselves as not only MDC-T members, but office bearers thereof and thereby causing a lot of confusion amongst party supporters,” he said.

“MDC-T is our name and is our own property. We have past experience on this issue, some tried to do it previously and you know what happened. We are going to approach the courts when the right time comes,” Mr Komichi said.

Manyenyeni Inspires New Aspiring Councillors

Manyenyeni Inspires New Aspiring Councillors

Denford Ngadziore | Today I had a fruitful meeting with his worship the Mayor of Harare Metropolitan Province, Councilor Ben Manyenyeni at Town House . In our discussion we tackled challenges faced by Harare West Ward 16 residents mainly the unavailability of street lights around Haig Park, Meyrick Park ,Sunridge, Mabelreign, Greencroft and Ashdon Park Saburbs .Mabelreign Police Station is recording high cases of robbery almost twice a week due to none working street lights.

Travelling at night starting from 7pm is no longer safe for the residents and a collective measure between residents and council shall be taken so as to address the issue.

How To Smoke Zanu PF Out Of Harare

How To Smoke Zanu PF Out Of Harare

Dr Phillan Zamchiya | Reader, come 2018 General Elections, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) must win resoundingly in Harare Metropolitan to stand a chance to win Presidency and govern. It is an opposition traditional stronghold, has the highest Voting Age Population (VAP) and is easily accessible both politically and physically.

Consequently, the campaign team must strive to raise the number of registered voters in the remaining few months. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC)’s current Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) provisional statistics for Harare are lower than those of 2013. In 2013, there were 788, 959 registered voters against a VAP of 1,091,063. At the moment there are 747 920 registered voters in Harare which is 41,039 less. Harare has the second lowest voter registration rate in the country after Bulawayo. This is worrying. However, the BVR exercise is ongoing, so let us use the 2013 voter registration rate as a base.

Will the old voting rates work?

The point here is that the 2013 voter registration rate, voter turnout and MDC vote if reproduced in 2018 will only lead to 323 174 votes for the Presidential candidate. How? Using the ZESN geometric/mathematical formula to project the VAP, Harare stands at 1 345 818 today. 651 540 men and 694 278 women. If the BVR exercise reaches the 2013 voter registration rate of 72.3% there will be 973 000 registered voters in Harare. This will be an increase of 184,041 registered voters. At the 2013 rate of 56.2% voter turnout, 546 826 people will vote out of the 973 000 registered voters. If MDC maintains its old Presidential share of 59.1% vote in Harare, then Nelson Chamisa will have 323 174 votes. You see reader, why under such a scenario we might as well forget the Presidency.

Which voting rates can work?

So, the campaign must work with a target of about half a
million votes to stand a good chance. I will be modest in my calculations because I know how difficult it is to mobilize especially with little resources and under an authoritarian system. So if the campaign ensures that voter registration rate increases by only 7.7% from the 2013 rate then 1,076,654 people will be on the new voters roll. If the voter turnout increases by 13.8% then 753, 658 people will cast their vote. If the MDC’s vote increases by 10.9% then Nelson Chamisa will get 527 560 votes. If Chamisa gets 527 560 votes in Harare only, then his chances of winning the Presidency will increase significantly. So what needs to be done reader?

Smoke out ZANU PF

First, the party must work to sniff out ZANU PF in its isolated but notable islands of support. These are manly in Harare North, Epworth, partly Chitungwiza, Mbare, Harare South, Mt Pleasant and Mbare constituencies. The idea is to deploy the finest mobilisers in targeted areas for continuous and systematic local based campaigns. For example, in Mbare mobilisers will need to target Shawasha, Nenyere and Matapi Hostels. ZANU is striving to control there. In Chitungwiza, the catchment areas around Chief Seke’s Hall, Seke Teachers’ college, Chaminuka and Dungwiza, Zengeza 3 shops and Unit G extension, Part of Zengeza-Old Tatenda Beerhall and Unit H Seke need political attention. In Harare South, think of Hopley and Churu farm. Here, Chamisa must go by himself. In Harare North, ZANU PF islands are alive in Hatcliffe. In Epworth, catchment areas around Muguta Secondary school, Makomo Primary School, Domboramwari, Chinamano, Kubatana, Pamajecha, Epworth Home Industry and Dhonoro Farm need serious campaign.
Reader, islands of ZANU PF support largely have similar socio-economic characteristics. So the messaging must speak to those issues. These are usually new urban settlements where commercial farms acquired during Fast Track land reform were turned into residential stands, new settlements where state land was turned into residential stands, informal settlements with no compact settlements, areas with dominant housing cooperatives, old council hostels, areas where there is concentration of civil servants in the security sector and in areas where market stalls were distributed to operators on patronage basis. Overall the inhabitants live below the poverty datum line and survive on ‘katsaona’. These issues must be seriously addressed in the campaign.

Grow the base

Second, the campaign team must grow and boost its traditional support base. They need to systematically campaign in wards with a population of 50 000 and above. Reader, these could be ward 15 which covers Warren Park, Westlea, Nkwisi Gardens 7 Tynwald South. It has a population of 66 054 (31 214 Men and 34 840 Women) and estimated 15 787 households. Then ward 23 which incorporates Waterfalls-Prospect and Mainway Meadows. It has a population of 63 360 (29 805 Males and 33 555 Females) and estimated 14 485 households. Another one is ward 30 which covers Glen View 8, part 3, New Stands Glen View 7 & Specimen Glen Norah. The population is 53 268 (25 715 Males and 27 553 Females) and 13 551 households. Reader, we cannot leave ward 33 which covers Budiriro 1,2 and 3. The population is 59 969 (28 855 Males and 31 114 Females) with 15 232 households. Add ward 37 in Kuwadzana with 70 508 people (34 024 Males and 36 484 Females) and 17 616 households. Another populous stronghold is ward 43 covering parts of Budiriro 4 and 5 with 60 229 people (28 869Males and 31 360Females) and 14 831 households. Reader, you can add using local metis.

Dismantle political bases

Reader, number three is to dismantle the system of ZANU PF political bases in Harare. ZANU PF thrives on these political bases in the urban periphery. In Epworth there have been bases. These are Dhonoro/Masasa, Nyanga and Epworth home industry political bases in ward 2. In ward 3, Zindi/Dombo and Nyagura homestead political bases. Ward 4, 5, 6 and 7 had Kamusoda, Maulani, Makangira, Tandi, Kadumbu, Madhende/Chinamano, Garakara and Chihoro political bases. No doubt ZANU PF won all the seven wards in previous election. These are inimical to democratic electoral processes. Maybe the vanguard should camp there to protect citizens. I leave this one here.

Capture imagination

Fourth, is to continuously capture the imagination of young people. Harare Province has a rising young population which makes the youth a significant demographic group in influencing and determining electoral processes and their outcomes. 1, 961,088 people that is 92.37% of the total population are 49 years and below. Reader, like you and me, they need clean cities, decent jobs, affordable houses, water, sewer collection and trade-markets. Here the MDC must forcefully articulate its social service delivery policy.

Ice with broader reform

Yet for high impact, this must be accompanied by comprehensive electoral reforms and a change of manipulative political culture by the powers that be. So yes, the party needs a big win of about half a million votes in Harare to stand a chance to claim the Presidency. Ours is to share as public intellectuals but practitioners can consider what can and ignore what can’t as we approach the 2018 election. Sisonke!

Don’t Blame Sanctions

Don’t Blame Sanctions

Brian Kagoro | For those with eyes to see & brains to think.​ Zimbabwe has no financial crisis,it has a leadership & management crisis under a corrupt Zanu PF.

Zanu PF imports campaign vehicles,sound systems,Tshirts & material for a total of $70 m. Some of the material still to be delivered. 113 branded vehicles passed through ZIMRA without paying duty thus depriving the country exercise duty & VAT of $1.3 million.

The government says it has no forex for importing medical drugs, raw materials & water treatment chemicals yet $70 million is paid of material that could have been supplied locally.

They talk of creating jobs yet 113 vehicles are branded in a hidden warehouse in Joburg by an Indian Company. What about giving the job to 10 branding companies in Zimbabwe??

All 10 provincial hospitals lack ambulances & accident victims die on the scene in our highways due to loss of blood yet a party uses State funds from a corrupt Airline deal to buy campaign vehicles while patient die.

For those who blame sanctions,are these sanctions??For those who say opposition is immature,is this the maturity you want??For those who say ED is different & he needs time,do you have hope??

It took Robert Mugabe 37 years to ruin Zim but at this rate ED will do it in less than 2 years. Zanu will never repent. Open your eyes & think than be used or get emotional while poverty knocks on your door.

Mnangagwa Govt Not Worried About Nurses And Patients

Mnangagwa Govt Not Worried About Nurses And Patients

The MDC observes with great concern another potentially crippling nationwide strike embarked by nurses in Government run hospitals on Monday 16th April 2018.
For the MDC, the definition of failure is when a government department gets gripped by industrial action every other month.
The strike is the second in less than a month by nurses who grudgingly called off the previous one.

In calling of the previous strike, nurses gave the Health and Child Care ministry a 14-day ultimatum which elapsed yesterday. We would have thought that Government would make use of the 14 -day period to urgently resolve the matter. Instead they saw it fit to ignore these grievances. As MDC we believe nurses and doctors are the heartbeat of the healthcare system and should be accorded the much needed respect. It is clear that there is a huge crisis in the health sector that needs to be acted on as a matter of urgency.

We are then flabbergasted when the health sector consistently appears to be the least of the government’s worries. Our public health system has deteriorated at an alarming rate under the watch of career minister-David Parirenyatwa. Parirenyatwa has failed and should be man enough and call it quits. We appeal to Government to urgently and permanently address the needs of striking nurses in order to avoid further loss of lives. The country cannot afford a situation where health workers are on strike every month.

Kurauone Chihwayi
MDC National Spokesperson

Advocate Chamisa Independence Reflections To All Patriotic Zimbabweans

Advocate Chamisa Independence Reflections To All Patriotic Zimbabweans

Advocate Nelson Chamisa | Tomorrow is Independence Day and every patriotic Zimbabwean must take time to reflect on the supreme national sacrifice in which the sons and daughters of this land paid the ultimate sacrifice while some lost their limbs so that the whims of future generations could walk again.

Some of us are proud of the liberation legacy and the successful quest by Zimbabweans to reclaim their dignity from a oppressive colonial regime.

Even as a post-liberation political formation, we stand for the continuation and perpetuation and not the negation or opposition of the liberation project. We are proud and patriotic Zimbabweans and tomorrow we will be joining the rest of the nation in paying tribute to that invaluable chapter in our national story.

Our only wish is to complete the outstanding business of our independence so that political independence would truly mean the advent of freedoms and the proper respect for the right to vote which was at the core of our protracted national struggle. The land and the right to vote were at the epicenter of the people’s struggle.

In many ways, the sanctity of our struggle has been undermined, if not hijacked, by a selected few who have betrayed the noble aspirations of Zimbabweans when they waged that brutal struggle. As a post-liberation political formation, we anchor our own struggles on the liberation struggle, its values and aspirations.

We truly honour the liberation effort.

Tomorrow, we will be joining the rest of the nation in commemorating the heroic act of Zimbabweans in consigning colonial oppression to the dustbins of history. The only challenge is to finish the outstanding business of that struggle for which so many Zimbabweans died.

Going rural: Thank You Masvingo
True to our promise of going rural in this election campaign, I had an eventful weekend in Masvingo, starting with the chastening rally at Nyika growth point in Bikita on Friday and then another huge-turn-out at Jerera in Zaka the following day.

Elsewhere, the MDC-T and MDC Alliance leaders were addressing huge crowds in the rural hinterland from Nkayi in Matabeleland North, Mount Darwin in Mashonaland central, Gokwe in the Midlands, Hurungwe in Mashonaland West to Makoni in Manicaland province. We have pledged to largely go rural in this election and over the weekend, we were doing precisely that by honouring our solemn pledge to go rural in our campaign.

My visit and interactions with the people in Masvingo brought a lot of issues to the fore.
The first was the hunger for change, which is now a national chorus.

What was glaringly palpable was the self-evident collapse of the national infrastructure and the fracturing of our communities. I saw collapsed services, poor roads and dilapidated hospitals.

I saw for myself the deadening poverty pervading our rural areas and how Zimbabweans are struggling to put food on the table.

I saw the marginalization of the people and the abuse of our traditional leaders who are being used to intimidate villagers by collecting serial numbers of the voter registration slips.

I saw command politics at play, as evidenced by the use of food as a political weapon in the rural communities. Known and identified government bureaucrats have been deployed to advance a partisan agenda and to strike fear in the rural communities.

Bikita in Context
On Friday, I was chastened by the huge turn-out at Nyika growth point in Bikita. I had occasion to engage the people and our message centred on the need for electoral reforms as well as our policy agenda that will be undergirded by the tripod pillars of transformation, opportunity and prosperity.

After the rally at Nyika, I had occasion to visit Silveira Mission hospital, where I was born some 40 years ago. It was a nostalgic moment and I saw for myself how things are getting worse in our hospitals.

For example, there were three beds in the ward where I was born but I realized on Friday that only two were left as the third had since broken. Things have taken a debilitating turn since I was born at that hospital in rural Bikita, where my mother comes from.
I saw 22 expecting women in the maternity ward, who are being asked to pay $50 for the national service of giving birth to the future leaders of this country.

Our incoming government will ensure that we scrap such fees charged on women for performing a national service.

I took time to pray with a 9-year old Mercy Chigwende, a young girl with the rare condition of cancer of the blood. Her parents are finding it difficult to meet the huge bills where she is being charged $400 per week. I assisted with some money but money alone is nothing. I had to summon the providence of God to intervene to save the life of the innocent girl.

On Saturday, I attended Holy Communion at the church conference in Chatsworth, where I had occasion to listen to a powerful word and found time to pray with the church elders and pastors.

I would wish to restate my unstinting belief that politics should not usurp church platforms to peddle a partisan agenda. Church platforms must be exclusively used for the word of God. Anything else is tantamount to defiling the sacred and sanctified holy places of worship.

In the afternoon I addressed a rally at Jerera Growth Point in Zaka where again I had occasion to sum up our promise to the people of Zimbabwe when we form the next government in September. We pledge to restore the dignity of Zimbabweans, to create jobs but first of all to ensure that we create a proper environment for the people to express their sovereign will in a truly free, fair and credible election.

I also found time to lay wreath on the grave of Crison Mbano, a political violence victim and one of our party activists in Zaka who was killed in the despicable Zanu PF-orchestrated violence of 2008 in which so many Zimbabweans died. I saw some of the survivors of the brutal violence in which Mbano and others perished.

Indeed, I was sorely touched by their plight as well as that of the many thousands of Zimbabweans throughout the country who suffered a similar fate.

Going rural again
This coming weekend I will be interacting with the people in yet another rural community but first, I have to join my fellow citizens in the important duty of commemorating our independence.

Indeed, we must spare a thought for the brutal but heroic struggle that we waged against an oppressive colonial system.

Happy independence month, Zimbabwe!