Brian Kagoro | For those with eyes to see & brains to think.​ Zimbabwe has no financial crisis,it has a leadership & management crisis under a corrupt Zanu PF.

Zanu PF imports campaign vehicles,sound systems,Tshirts & material for a total of $70 m. Some of the material still to be delivered. 113 branded vehicles passed through ZIMRA without paying duty thus depriving the country exercise duty & VAT of $1.3 million.

The government says it has no forex for importing medical drugs, raw materials & water treatment chemicals yet $70 million is paid of material that could have been supplied locally.

They talk of creating jobs yet 113 vehicles are branded in a hidden warehouse in Joburg by an Indian Company. What about giving the job to 10 branding companies in Zimbabwe??

All 10 provincial hospitals lack ambulances & accident victims die on the scene in our highways due to loss of blood yet a party uses State funds from a corrupt Airline deal to buy campaign vehicles while patient die.

For those who blame sanctions,are these sanctions??For those who say opposition is immature,is this the maturity you want??For those who say ED is different & he needs time,do you have hope??

It took Robert Mugabe 37 years to ruin Zim but at this rate ED will do it in less than 2 years. Zanu will never repent. Open your eyes & think than be used or get emotional while poverty knocks on your door.