Dear Dambudzo,

I hope I find you well. As for me, the usual stuff. Hustling to make ends meet.

I write to you concerning your participation in the forthcoming general elections as the ZANU PF presidential candidate.

This election, to me, is beyond promising to fix potholes, fix the economy or raising hopes of Zimbabweans through signing empty mega deals. Personally, in respect to your pronouncements of a new era (which are I am still to experience) this election provides an opportunity for Zimbabwe to nurse her ugly wounds, wounds inflicted on her by your party in the past 38 years with Bob in control and you as his most loyal and trusted son. You served him with distinction and honour in silencing and purging those that threatened his grip to power. This election is a pathway for those with trauma from Murambatsvina, Gukurahundi, 2008 elections to be rehabilitated. It provides an opportunity for broken families resulting from ZANU PF’s bad governance to be fixed. This election possibly presents a pathway to a true reconciliation process that will provide justice to victims of gross human rights abuses. Many have been battered, bruised and tortured at the hands of your government in the past 38 years.

Honestly we both know that you cannot lead a genuine process that will address the crimes that occurred in the past 38 years. Your rise to power is pinned on the entitlement you hold. No other person served Bob more than you did in his 38 years at the helm of Zimbabwe. Mugabe and ZANU PF represent everything wrong and broken in our society which this election seeks to address using constitutional means. I wonder how, you being an integral member of Mugabe’s regime, can be exonerated from this mess.

You have said several times that let ‘bygones be bygones’. Really? At one time I thought you were misquoted. But then I thought you meant let ‘Baygon be Baygon’. This will make sense coming from you given your love for pesticides. You once prescribed DDT in Matebeleland. Parquet was used again on members of the opposition on the June 2008 run off you take credit in engineering to save your Godfather Bob.

Many lost limbs, loved ones and bread winners at the hands of your party. Take time to reflect what that ‘bygones be bygones’ mean to victims of your party’s bad governance of the past 4 decades. Take time to reflect what ‘bygone be bygones’ means to those whose dreams were shattered as you held on to power by whatever means necessary. Just in the few days after being expelled from government I hear that your friends were even now preparing dockets to prosecute you on charges including corruption and attempted murder. You being a lawyer should better understand how the justice system works. It cant!

Do the right thing. Tell Zimbabwe what happened in the last 38 years. Apologise to Zimbabwe and the victims of your deeds and association with ZANU PF. Above all choose decency. Resign, go home and pray that in a new Zimbabwe the victims of ZANU PF’s dictatorship which you helped to sustain will see it fit to pardon and forgive you.

ED, take time to introspect. Your way of politics cannot be part of what this election seeks to establish for Zimbabwe.

On a lighter note just drop the scarf, it is awful.

Hoping for your favourable reply.


Wellington Mahohoma