Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngarivhume said Zimbabwe is in desperate need of a new kind of selfless leadership that has the nation at heart. He said this during a Partners service held yesterday in Waterfalls. The event was attended by the PNZ leadership, TZ National leadership, several provincial leaders and dozens of party supporters.

President Ngarivhume said that though Zimbabwe has been endowed by the heavens with enumarable resources, this has become a curse as successive ZANU PF governments took turns to destroy them. This is in contrast to not so resourced country that have managed well their resourced and developed their economies. He pointed out that as a party TZ stands resolute against any kind of corruption and mis use of state resources.

“In our country, national leaders would charter expensive foreign flights or go for first class air tickets which cost over $14 000 whilst there is an economy going for $1 000! This is being irresponsible especially for an economically challenged country like Zimbabwe. As TZ, we will seek to correct such unethical practices”, bemoaned Ngarivhume.

In light of the challenges in resource mobilization and organizing of party activities, the TZ leader revealed that the ever faithful God who has brought TZ this far has promised to stand with the party as long as people believe and exercise patience over the vision.

Mr Ngarivhume was recently on a party business tour to United Arab Emirates where he was challenged by the development of a nation that is 100% desert compared to a more naturally resourced Zimbabwe. He was moved by the blessing of Abraham he witnessed in the UAE. The Arabs have turned it into a fruitful habitable place. They have built the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa which has become a world tourist attraction.

Ngarivhume then decried the plunder and exploitation that has befallen our natural resources with our diamonds all looted in Chiadzwa. He intimated that the same diamonds could have turned this country into a developed country if it was not for the greedy and corrupt ZANU PF leadership.

In conclusion, he impressed upon all attendees that the time to sacrifice resources for the manifestation of the vision was now. Members were thus called to join hands financially with the party to make crossing the river possible.

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