What a wonderful day it was today in Bikita East. We began the morning by attending the ZEC Political Parties Liaison meeting where we got the chance to scrutinise ZEC and make it pull up its socks ahead of the 30 July elections.

One thing that greatly displeased me at the ZEC Political Parties Liaison meeting was how the ZEC moderators tried to discourage people from expressing their political challenges to the UN observers who were expected to attend the meeting. They said to the people, “Kuchauya maobservers vachauya kuzoona kuti meeting ino irikufamba sei. Saka kana vasvika ngativapei chimiro chakanaka, tozotaura nhunha dzedu zhinji kana vabuda.”

Immediately we unequivocally expressed our displeasure at such hypocrisy by ZEC. We can not pretend as if all is well when all is not well. That behaviour is unacceptable. Upon the arrival of the UN observers we made sure that a spade was called a spade, and clearly spelt our displeasure with the electoral environment.

After the meeting we managed to meet with traditional leaders in ward 31 spreading the message of hope and transformation to them. Then from there we proceeded to have a wonderful time interacting with the people in ward 17 of Bikita east.

I would like to thank everyone who is working hard to bring change that delivers to Bikita East. Let us continue pushing until we achieve our goal.

Tomorrow we have a number of activities lined up in more wards in the area and will continue to work to make sure that we usher in a true new dispensation to the people in Bikita.

God Bless you. God Bless Zimbabwe.