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Advocate Chamisa Independence Reflections To All Patriotic Zimbabweans

Advocate Chamisa Independence Reflections To All Patriotic Zimbabweans

Advocate Nelson Chamisa | Tomorrow is Independence Day and every patriotic Zimbabwean must take time to reflect on the supreme national sacrifice in which the sons and daughters of this land paid the ultimate sacrifice while some lost their limbs so that the whims of future generations could walk again.

Some of us are proud of the liberation legacy and the successful quest by Zimbabweans to reclaim their dignity from a oppressive colonial regime.

Even as a post-liberation political formation, we stand for the continuation and perpetuation and not the negation or opposition of the liberation project. We are proud and patriotic Zimbabweans and tomorrow we will be joining the rest of the nation in paying tribute to that invaluable chapter in our national story.

Our only wish is to complete the outstanding business of our independence so that political independence would truly mean the advent of freedoms and the proper respect for the right to vote which was at the core of our protracted national struggle. The land and the right to vote were at the epicenter of the people’s struggle.

In many ways, the sanctity of our struggle has been undermined, if not hijacked, by a selected few who have betrayed the noble aspirations of Zimbabweans when they waged that brutal struggle. As a post-liberation political formation, we anchor our own struggles on the liberation struggle, its values and aspirations.

We truly honour the liberation effort.

Tomorrow, we will be joining the rest of the nation in commemorating the heroic act of Zimbabweans in consigning colonial oppression to the dustbins of history. The only challenge is to finish the outstanding business of that struggle for which so many Zimbabweans died.

Going rural: Thank You Masvingo
True to our promise of going rural in this election campaign, I had an eventful weekend in Masvingo, starting with the chastening rally at Nyika growth point in Bikita on Friday and then another huge-turn-out at Jerera in Zaka the following day.

Elsewhere, the MDC-T and MDC Alliance leaders were addressing huge crowds in the rural hinterland from Nkayi in Matabeleland North, Mount Darwin in Mashonaland central, Gokwe in the Midlands, Hurungwe in Mashonaland West to Makoni in Manicaland province. We have pledged to largely go rural in this election and over the weekend, we were doing precisely that by honouring our solemn pledge to go rural in our campaign.

My visit and interactions with the people in Masvingo brought a lot of issues to the fore.
The first was the hunger for change, which is now a national chorus.

What was glaringly palpable was the self-evident collapse of the national infrastructure and the fracturing of our communities. I saw collapsed services, poor roads and dilapidated hospitals.

I saw for myself the deadening poverty pervading our rural areas and how Zimbabweans are struggling to put food on the table.

I saw the marginalization of the people and the abuse of our traditional leaders who are being used to intimidate villagers by collecting serial numbers of the voter registration slips.

I saw command politics at play, as evidenced by the use of food as a political weapon in the rural communities. Known and identified government bureaucrats have been deployed to advance a partisan agenda and to strike fear in the rural communities.

Bikita in Context
On Friday, I was chastened by the huge turn-out at Nyika growth point in Bikita. I had occasion to engage the people and our message centred on the need for electoral reforms as well as our policy agenda that will be undergirded by the tripod pillars of transformation, opportunity and prosperity.

After the rally at Nyika, I had occasion to visit Silveira Mission hospital, where I was born some 40 years ago. It was a nostalgic moment and I saw for myself how things are getting worse in our hospitals.

For example, there were three beds in the ward where I was born but I realized on Friday that only two were left as the third had since broken. Things have taken a debilitating turn since I was born at that hospital in rural Bikita, where my mother comes from.
I saw 22 expecting women in the maternity ward, who are being asked to pay $50 for the national service of giving birth to the future leaders of this country.

Our incoming government will ensure that we scrap such fees charged on women for performing a national service.

I took time to pray with a 9-year old Mercy Chigwende, a young girl with the rare condition of cancer of the blood. Her parents are finding it difficult to meet the huge bills where she is being charged $400 per week. I assisted with some money but money alone is nothing. I had to summon the providence of God to intervene to save the life of the innocent girl.

On Saturday, I attended Holy Communion at the church conference in Chatsworth, where I had occasion to listen to a powerful word and found time to pray with the church elders and pastors.

I would wish to restate my unstinting belief that politics should not usurp church platforms to peddle a partisan agenda. Church platforms must be exclusively used for the word of God. Anything else is tantamount to defiling the sacred and sanctified holy places of worship.

In the afternoon I addressed a rally at Jerera Growth Point in Zaka where again I had occasion to sum up our promise to the people of Zimbabwe when we form the next government in September. We pledge to restore the dignity of Zimbabweans, to create jobs but first of all to ensure that we create a proper environment for the people to express their sovereign will in a truly free, fair and credible election.

I also found time to lay wreath on the grave of Crison Mbano, a political violence victim and one of our party activists in Zaka who was killed in the despicable Zanu PF-orchestrated violence of 2008 in which so many Zimbabweans died. I saw some of the survivors of the brutal violence in which Mbano and others perished.

Indeed, I was sorely touched by their plight as well as that of the many thousands of Zimbabweans throughout the country who suffered a similar fate.

Going rural again
This coming weekend I will be interacting with the people in yet another rural community but first, I have to join my fellow citizens in the important duty of commemorating our independence.

Indeed, we must spare a thought for the brutal but heroic struggle that we waged against an oppressive colonial system.

Happy independence month, Zimbabwe! 

Tendai Biti Rocks Makoni West As MDC Alliance Rural Outreach Intensifies

Tendai Biti Rocks Makoni West As MDC Alliance Rural Outreach Intensifies

MDC Principal Tendai Biti left the people of Makoni West invigorated when he delivered a thunderous speech that focused on what an MDC Alliance government would mean for a new Zimbabwe. Biti was dispatched to Matsika Rural Service Center  , Makoni West in Manicaland to deliver an assurance to the people that the Alliance was the best alternative for a prosperous Zimbabwe.

People thronged the usually sleepy area as early as  8am. They were coming as far off as Chigora, Dumba, Chidamunyu just to hear the message of change. Many still have vivid memories of the rally by Dr Morgan Tsvangirai at this very place in 2015. The meeting started by a minute of silence in remembrance of the iconic leader.

Tendai Biti then took to the podium to address issues related to fear. He pointed out the scars that people carried because of the reign of terror that was perpetrated by the likes of Didymus Mutasa in this constituency. He thanked people for being strong and persistent against all odds. He then implored people to pull stronger as the finishing line is now in sight.

Biti touched on the issues of the economy, speaking about MDC Allaince’s plans to revamp the economy which include increasing domestic production while re-integrating the country with the global economy. He talked about investor confidence and how money follows good governance. For the people of Makoni he spoke about how a boisterous economy means more opportunity for Jobs, more markets for produce and higher income from sales. He spoke about the need to improve roads,  postal and telecommunications services so that Zimbabweans can begin to do more businesses amongst themselves.

People interviewed at the rally expressed hope and optimism but most fear that the history of rigging and manipulation might happen again.

Part of the crowd at Chitsika

Mt Darwin Warms Up To The MDC Alliance As Mpariwa Waters The Seeds Of Change

Mt Darwin Warms Up To The MDC Alliance As Mpariwa Waters The Seeds Of Change

MDC Deputy Secretary General Pauline Mpariwa today led a delegation to Mount Darwin in Mashonaland Central.  This is another area that has witnessed high cases of intimidation and violence against opposition supporters. In this foray the Mpariwa delegation had one objective – to assure people that the Alliance has their best interest at heart and is at hand to represent them in good and bad times.

People began trickling to the venue just before 10am, many from the surrounding rural areas. Fear is still a major factor as most people who were at the rally spoke about how much caution they had to exercise before attending. There is still major uncertainty over the motives of the currently government. Some think it is just the calm before the storm. They still remember the violence of 2008.

Madam Mpariwa then addressed the gathering and touched on a number of policy issues that would have a direct bearing on the people of Mt Darwin. She spoke about the state of Education in the district. She noted the miserable state of schools in Kaitano, Chiwande ,Mukumbura, Katarira and Chisecha which have on average just 3 trained teachers. She spoke about how MDC would revamp the prestige of the education system in Zimbabwe by training, equipping and remunerating teachers well while revamping the school infrastructure.

Healthcare is another major issue in the area as most of the Rural clinics are understaffed. She listened to harrowing stories of neglect by the central government. Kamutsenzere Clinic , Mutasa Clinic , Nembire Clinic, Dotito RHC Clinic , Pachanza Clinic are all understaffed and sometimes go for months without essential medicines. She then assured the people that MDC government will not only seek to improve the clinics but that everything also depended on how the party would handle the economy.

She spoke about how it is necessary to revamp the road networks so that villagers can quickly get their produce to market. A good economy would also help people access capital for their projects which she said MDC will have a keen interest in establishing economic zones and assisting Small Scale Entrepreneurs to develop and grow.

She ended by encouraging people to be vigilant and register to vote.

Jacob Ngarivhume Shakes The Ground At Magunje Growth Point

Jacob Ngarivhume Shakes The Ground At Magunje Growth Point

Jacob Ngarivhume today led the campaign in the deep parts of Mashonaland West in areas that previously were considered no-go-areas for the opposition. People trickled in from Magunje and surrounding areas to witness for themselves the progression of the change project.

The atmosphere was electric, the mood on-point and the enthusiasm was roof-shattering. Those whom we interviewed were pointing out that this was the first time they have had to come out and attend a rally without the fear of being beaten or teargassed.

There was group of first-time voters who had time to meet with Mr Ngarivhume and spoke about their hopes and wishes.

Top on their wish-list was Jobs. There is high unemployment in Mashonaland West just like all the other parts of the country. Mr Ngarivhume then addressed them pointing to the policies that MDC Alliance will pursue to get Zimbabwe working again.

He spoke about fixing the land tenure issues so that people could begin to access lines of capital and get the land producing for the country with some semblance of certainty.

He also talked about MDC’s intention to rehabilitate and improve the transport systems so that markets can be opened for Magunje, Karoi and other parts of the country. People should be able to sell anywhere in the country conveniently and timely.



National Council fires VP Khupe and two senior leaders

National Council fires VP Khupe and two senior leaders

The MDC National Council, the Supreme-decision-making body in between Congresses met today deliberated on key issues affecting the party. After seven hours of deliberations, the National Council made the following resolutions.

1. The national council noted and acknowledged the fact that the party has positively rebranded, is renewing and positively re-energized its base and its organs as testified by the continued affirmation and reinvigoration of its national strength and dominance; the evidence of which is the hugely successful programmes where Zimbabweans at all levels are participating in highly encouraging numbers. The people’s party of excellence has confirmed itself as a revolutionary, democratic and patriotic movement ready to provide national leadership.

2. On the issue of candidate selection for the watershed 2018 election, the National Council has received all Applications and CVs from the provinces and districts. The process of candidate selection has kicked off in earnest and all candidates will be in place by end of April.

3. The national council resolved that intercession prayers for the party, the party leadership and all the people of Zimbabwe be held at the party’s headquarters at Morgan Tsvangirai House and at every party provincial office every Monday and Friday until after the elections.

4. On the unconstitutional behavior and illegal meetings by the party’s senior leaders which threw the party into disrepute, the party made the following resolutions:

a. On VP Khupe, the national council noted the efforts for engagement made by the party President and the fact that VP Khupe remained stubborn, obdurate, intransigent and spurned all party efforts to address her grievances as she continued to hold illegal meetings and partake in unconstitutional activities, putting the party into disrepute and undermining the constitutional organs of the party. The national council therefore resolved, by more than the mandatory two thirds of the vote that VP Khupe be removed from the party in terms of the party constitution.

b. On National Chairperson Lovemore Moyo, the national council formally accepted the resignation from the party by the national chairman Mr Lovemore Ndodana Moyo which he has tendered to the leadership. The council wished him well in all his future endeavors.

c. On organizing secretary Hon. Abednigo Bhebhe, the national council by the more than the mandatory two thirds of the vote resolved to remove him from the party on allegations of his unconstitutional behavior and for continuously putting the party into disrepute.

d. On suspended party spokesperson Mr. Obert Chaurura Gutu, the national council resolved by a unanimous vote to expel suspended party spokesperson Mr Obert Chaurura Gutu.

e. The national council further resolved that those leaders that have ceased to be members of the party but who are in Parliament, in particular VP Khupe and Organizing Secretary Abednigo Bhebhe, be recalled with immediate effect.

f. The party further resolved to communicate these latest developments in the party to all stakeholders including, but not limited to, the government of Zimbabwe, the parliament of Zimbabwe, civic society, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the diplomatic community and all party organs and structures.

Hon. Morgen Komichi
Deputy National Chairperson

MDC Alliance leadership meets EU Observers

MDC Alliance leadership meets EU Observers

MDC-T President and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Adv. Nelson Chamisa, Alliance partners and senior leaders of the party today met the eight-member European Union Electoral Preparatory Team at the party headquarters at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House in Harare.

The EU team wanted to appreciate the MDC Alliance’s position around the conditions in the country ahead of the watershed elections due in the country in a few months time.

Conferring together

Adv. Chamisa said the MDC-T and the MDC Alliance had prepared comprehensive list of demands that would ensure a free, fair and credible election in Zimbabwe. He said the demands were enshrined in the MDC Alliance’s Plan and Environment and Credible Election (PEACE) that will be launched in Harare today.

He said he had also written to President Mnangagwa and was willing to engage him on the issues but on an equal footing since Mr.  Mnangagwa was also a candidate.

The people’s President raised the issue of the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, against the disturbing background of the curious and unexplained resignation of both the chairperson and the chief elections officer of the electoral management body.

He said it was a serious and vicious assault on the integrity and autonomy of ZEC that the electoral management body’s new chairperson had undertaken a trip to Russia with a politburo member of Zanu PF and advisor to one of the candidates in the forthcoming election.

The Alliance leadership outlined the 10 demands in the MDC Alliance’s PEACE in Zimbabwe document, which he said the Alliance wanted responded to ahead of the next election.

The issues include but are not limited to the role of the military in Zimbabwe’s elections, the independence of ZEC, 40 percent of whose secretariat are either serving or retired members of the military, impartiality and free and equal coverage of all contesting parties by the public broadcaster, legislative reforms covering the Electoral Act, the Public Order and Security Act as well as the Access to Information and Privacy  Act, which he said proscribed fundamental freedoms of speech and assembly. He also spoke about the need for all contesting parties to audit the voters roll and the need to stem violence and intimidation so that the sovereign expression of the people is not curtailed.

President Chamisa added that the firm printing the ballot paper needs to be agreed to by all contesting parties as well the auditing of the quality of that paper. He said the issues of the voters roll and the ballot paper were deal breakers, emphasizing that there will not be an election in the absence of an agreement on those important matters.

The party’s leadership restated that the government had already rejected some of the key demands that relate to the printing of the ballot, the audit of the voters roll, adding that there was need for regional, AU and broader international pressure in that regard.
The leadership said there was need to ensure that Zimbabwe’s election complies with regional, continental international instruments including the AU and the SADC guidelines on the conduct of free and fair elections as well s international best practice.

The leadership said more than four million Zimbabweans would be disenfranchised if the government continued to disallow the Diaspora vote on the basis of logistical challenges, despite the fact that every Zimbabwean has the right to vote under the new Constitution of the country.

President Chamisa was accompanied into the meeting by MDC Alliance principals or their representatives, senior members of the MDC-T.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications

Party leadership meet SADC observer team

Party leadership meet SADC observer team

President Nelson Chamisa and nine other national standing committee members today held a two-hour briefing with the seven-member SADC Electoral Advisory Council at the party’s headquarters ahead of the watershed polls due in a few months time.

President Chamisa told the delegation, led by Advocate Leshele Thoahlane, that the Zimbabwe government has not been sincere on its commitment to a free, fair and credible plebicite as it had not yet made public in substantive terms the roadmap to the next election. He bemoaned the fact that the recommendations made by SADC in the 2013 election in terms of the implementation of key reforms had not yet been done, among them media reforms that would ensure equal coverage of all contesting parties.

Accompanying President Chamisa was Vice President Hon. Engineer Elias mudzuri, Secretary-general Mr. Douglas Mwonzora, secretary for elections Hon. Murisi Zwizwai, treasurer-general Hon. Theresa Makone, deputy national chairperson Hon Morgan Komichi, youth assembly chairperson Mr. Happymore Chidziva, Women’s assembly chairperson Hon. Karenyi Kore, deputy treasurer general Mr Charlton Hwende, deputy national organizer Hon. Amos Chibaya and senior directors in the party.

The MDC leader raised issues to do with violence, the abuse of traditional leaders, the opaqueness around the printing and auditing of ballots as well as the auditing of the voters roll. With a few months to go before the next election, there was neither agreement nor clarity on these key electoral matters.

President Chamisa implored the SADC observer team to ensure that Zimbabwe complies with the SADC guidelines on the conduct of free and fair elections, adding that only a credible plebiscite would ensure a return of confidence and legitimacy in the country.

The party’s secretary general Mr. Douglas Mwonzora said the government had starkly refused to implement key issues that would have assured stakeholders, among them issues to do with the auditing of the voters roll as well as the printing and auditing of the ballot papers, including the identity of the company that would print the ballots.

Notwithstanding the clear Constitutional provision and SADC guidelines on the conduct of elections, the government through the Ministry of Justice has refused allow Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to exercise their right to vote.

The party also told the SADC observer team that Zimbabweans wanted the army to undo their previous statements that they would not salute a President who did not participate in the liberation struggle by making a clear and unequivocal statement that they will this time respect the sovereign will of the people.

Secretary for Elections Hon. Murisi Zwizwai expressed concern that polling station mapping had been done in a manner that prejudiced the areas perceived to be opposition party strongholds.

Another concern raised to the SADC team was the parlous state of the country’s economy, which made citizens susceptible to the control of Zanu PF through partisan food distribution, among other voter manipulation methods.

President Chamisa urged SADC to be in solidarity with the Zimbabwean citizens and not with the country’s leaders by ensuring that the ordinary people’s sovereign will is guaranteed and protected.

On its part, the SADC team assured the party leadership that they will do all they can to ensure that Zimbabwe holds a truly free, fair and credible poll.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications

Chamisa charms the heart of the nation

Chamisa charms the heart of the nation

Originally  by Newsday

The MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa juggernaut rolled into the Midlands province over the weekend and charmed the heart of the nation when he sketched in minute detail the incoming government’s policy programme anchored on the tripod legs of transformation, opportunity and prosperity.

The rallies in Kwekwe and Gweru on Saturday and Sunday respectively saw mammoth crowds swarming to hear the MDC Alliance presidential candidate speak on his government’s vision for the country.


As he has done in other provinces, Chamisa spent many hours on the side-lines of the two rallies engaging with students, church leaders, people living with disabilities, informal traders, and business leaders, the elderly and artisanal miners.

Chamisa took the opportunity to speak about his vision for the Midlands province, particularly Gweru, which he said will be the administrative capital of his government. He said in line with his vision, Gweru should be the seat of government because of its centrality in the country, housing such key institutions as government offices and Parliament.

He said Harare may remain the commercial capital, Bulawayo as the industrial hub of the country, Victoria Falls as the epicentre of our tourism while Mutare can remain the centre of processing and manufacturing. Chamisa said only spatial development and devolution will ensure that every corner of the country benefits and develops in line with its natural endowments and location.

Radical governance shift

In Kwekwe and Gweru, the incoming president said the new government will cause a radical shift in the governance of the country’s economy, as well as detribalising the names of our provinces to ensure that every Zimbabwean feels they are a full-sledged citizen regardless of where they are.

He spoke about the need for a lean and mean government as well as the need to ensure that government workers are properly remunerated. His government, he said, would restore the dignity of the civil servant, including teachers and health workers who have suffered largely suffered the ignominy of an uncaring government.

He said the country’s police force should will be transformed into a police services unit; a truly professional outfit not given to wantonly showing its brawn by needlessly victimising citizens, including killing them as they did two months ago.
He said the army was a national institution far much above the partisan politics that has it been made to play under the Zanu PF-led government.

Respect for War Veterans and Chiefs

In Kwekwe, Chamisa talked about giving true dignity to the country’s war veterans, adding that the democratic struggle was only aimed at completing the unfinished business of our war of liberation.

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate bemoaned the belittling of chiefs and traditional leaders by the Zanu PF government which had reduced their status to being mujibhas and chimbwidos of the ruling party. He added that the incoming government would raise the $25 monthly allowances given to village heads, which he said did not befit their status and role as the custodians of culture in our society.

Electoral reforms

He said the MDC Alliance would spearhead the fight for electoral reforms by unveiling the Plan and Environment for A Credible Election, a comprehensive set of electoral reform demands that will be unveiled in Harare this week.

 Among the key demands is equal coverage in the public media, a forensic audit of the voters roll as well as an agreement by all stakeholders on the identification of the company that would print the voters roll, including a thorough investigation of the quality of the ballot paper.

It was also befitting that president Chamisa strongly spoke against political violence in Gweru, where the late veteran politician Patrick Kombayi was in 1990 shot six times in the groin by State security agents who were later pardoned by President Robert Mugabe following their conviction by the courts.

National Healing

In his engagements on the side-lines of the two rallies,, the church community called for the incoming government to institute a day of national prayer in its first 100 days in office in order to cleanse the country of the State sponsored atrocities such as Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, as well as the election-related violence of 2008.

Persons living with disability demanded that public buildings be accessible as well as a ministry or a government department specifically dedicated to deal with their issues.

In Gweru at Mutapa Hall, Chamisa took time to interact with the elderly, some of whom demanded restitution from the government for the lost value of their pension following the financial crisis of 2007. They complained about the liquidity crunch, which had resulted in some of them sleeping in bank queues to access their hard-earned money.

In response, Chamisa promised to lead a listening government that would expeditiously respond to the concerns of citizens. He said as an institution, government should have a small mouth and big ears so that it speaks less and listens more.

Student’s concerns

Chamisa, a former student leader himself, travelled down memory lane when he interacted with hundreds of students from Midlands State University and other tertiary institutions Gweru. He promised to reinstate student loans and grants to enable students from disadvantaged families to access education, which he said was a basic human right. He said his new government would guarantee free primary education upon assuming office in September 2018.

The excitement in the Midlands province — the heart of the nation — was palpable when the 40-year-old presidential candidate charmed the huge crowds that turned up for the rallies.

The Chamisa moment currently enveloping the country has seen young people who used to shun political rallies develop a sudden interest in the politics of their country.

As we drove away from the Midlands province in the late afternoon drizzle last Sunday, the deafening din of the now popular chorus at MDC Alliance rallies continued to ring in my ears.

The bellowing lyrics of “Morgan Chamisa Chinhu One” (Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa are one and the same thing) have become the official background track among the huge crowds that continue to revel in rapt wonderment as they eat out of the hand of the 40-year-old orator.

Indeed, there is no distinction between the master and the student; between the icon and his protégé.

The inescapable fact is that Chamisa is hewn from the same unique stone as the late political icon who left his own indelible footprints on the sands of history.

Source: Newsday