MDC Alliance Launches Its SMART Policy Blueprint

MDC Alliance Launches Its SMART Policy Blueprint

The MDC Alliance today launched its much anticipated policy blueprint that outlines its agenda. The event took place in Harare and was graced by all principals of the Alliance. The document which has been lauded as comprehensive provide specifics on issues that have bedevilled Zimbabwe including Land Tenure, Economy and Human Rights.

Download the SMART Document here.

Free,Fair and Credible Election Peace March – Petition

Free,Fair and Credible Election Peace March – Petition

5 JUNE 2018

The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

We, the undersigned, being members of the MDC Alliance- a grouping of political Parties intending to participate in the 2018 Harmonised Elections- under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa, and the people of Zimbabwe, hereby present this petition on our redline demands for a free fair legitimate and credible election.

On the 30th of May 2018, President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed the 30th of July 2018 as the date on which elections for the office of President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Members of Parliament of Zimbabwe, Senators and councillors will be conducted (‘harmonised elections’).

1. It is not the intent of this petition to exhaustively deal with the legal framework governing elections in Zimbabwe. It suffices, for present purposes, to state that the contemplated elections will be conducted under the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution, the Electoral Act, and Chapter 2:13, as amended, as well as the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections.

2. We contend that it is obligatory for this election to be held in full compliance of the Zimbabwean Constitution, the Electoral Act Chapter 2:13, the SADC principles and guidelines guiding democratic elections and the African Union Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG).

3. We have made our demands for a free fair and credible election known in our document published in March 2018 known as PEACE

Despite these demands, despite the law, despite verbal commitments to a free, fair and credible election, it is self-evident that the Zimbabweans authorities and the ZEC lack the desire, ability and political will of conducting a free, fair credible election.

It is in this context that we are exercising our peaceful right defined in section 59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe by marching and presenting this petition on the following demands;

i) All parties, and candidates (and or their representatives) participating in the election, forthwith be furnished with an electronic copy of the provisional voters’ roll as is required by section 21 of the Electoral act Chapter 2:13.

ii) That ZEC, allows an inspection period of the voters’ roll pursuant to fresh registration during the voter inspection period 19 May to 29 May 2018.

iii) That an independent, external audit of the voters’ roll be commenced immediately after the inspection period mentioned above, with the auditors to be agreed by all stakeholders and shareholders.

iv) That there be full and proper agreement by all stakeholders on the procurement, security, quality and movement of all ballot material, in particular, the ballot paper.

v) That the ZEC immediately retires in its secretariat, any security personnel whether currently employed or formerly employed by the security services as defined in Chapter 11 of the Constitution.

vi) That ZEC immediately disbands the present national logistics committee and that there is agreement in the composition, recruitment, training and deployment of the new members of the national logistics committee.

vii) That the current accreditation committee be disbanded and that there is agreement on the recruitment, training and deployment of the new members of the accreditation committee.

viii) That there be full disclosure with regards to the custody and location of the BVR Servers and that all stakeholders be allowed access to validate the legitimacy of the data in those servers.

ix) That the additional 1500 newly created polling stations be and are hereby abandoned and that there be discussion and agreement on additional polling stations if need requires.

x) That all military personal currently deployed in the rural areas be and are hereby recalled and that there should be full and complete de-militarisation of the rural areas.

xi) That all international observers and monitors should now be allowed immediate access to Zimbabwe to monitor the election pursuant to the proclamation of the election on the 30th of May 2018.

xii) That forthwith, there must be equal access to and equal coverage of all political parties in the public media, in particular the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

xiii) That there be a provision in terms section 67 of the Constitution to allow the Diaspora to vote even if it means voting only in the presidential election.

xiv) That there be cessation of the use of food and inputs as political weapons in this election

4. The holding of the 30th of July election is dependent on the conditions set out above

Komichi Speaks On Primary Elections

Komichi Speaks On Primary Elections

National Chairperson Hon Morgen komichi’s Statement to the Press

Morgan Tsvangirai House, Harare

29 May 2018


The People’s Party of Excellence, MDC, has conducted its Primary elections and we now have a list of our parliamentary candidates, who will represent the MDC T Alliance in the 2018 Elections.
Our Alliance partners are fielding their candidates and we are working closely together to field the best candidate for the area. Negotiations are taking place among our Alliance Partners in areas where, for instance, our candidate is weak and an alliance candidate is strong, so that a stronger candidate will stand in such constituencies. In this process, we have also respected the women and youth quota.
We concluded the consensus building process, and we attended to the consensus appeals. We then moved to the next level which was the holding of primary elections. We are pleased that our elections where conducted by an independent commission in a very democratic way. We are pleased as a party.
We are currently dealing with all the primary elections appeals. The Appeals tribunal is ceased with these matters. However, the party is investigating allegations of violence and those who are found wanting will be penalised.
80% of the constituencies have been covered and we will be done with all the gap constituencies by this Saturday.


Today marks the last day of the voters’ roll inspection. The anomalies have been glaring and telling. These anomalies justify our deafening calls for an independent audit of the Biometric Voters’ Roll.
Reported incidences of details sent on cellphones from ZEC not corresponding with the physical roll are worrisome. Some names are entered correctly, but the gender is incorrect. Others have received messages confirming their registration centres but upon physical inspection, realised they had been posted to a different polling station, or their names were missing completely from the roll.
We have also received reports where people are re-registering themselves but in different wards and constituencies. A case in point is the registration of residents of ward 45 in Harare East onto the ward 25 of Goromonzi South voters’ roll. And the commissioner of oaths to the residential affidavits is one Terrence Mukupe whose recent notorious and treasonous utterances that the Zanu PF regime will not accept an election result that favours the opposition, leaves a lot to be desired.
If ZEC can not produce a clean voters’ roll, then it casts an aspersion on the credibility of this upcoming election. Little wonder why there was little information and voter education on inspecting the Voter’s roll, and the refusal by ZEC to give us a copy of the provisional voters’ roll.
We demand a searchable copy of this voters’ roll so that we are able to assist ZEC in identifying all the duplicates and fictitious names in the current roll.


We are barely a month away from the election and our demand for an open tender system with regards to the printing of the ballot papers and other election materials has been ignored by the Mnangagwa administration.
The MDC will not allow for the only amendment to section 22A of the Electoral Act that allows the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to establish more polling stations for an area that has a larger voter population. We will not accept the establishment of undesignated polling stations as this will open the vote to manipulation.
For the avoidance of doubt, the following matters remain outstanding and need urgent resolution:-
a. observation of the printing of the ballot papers
b. External/ Independent audit of the voters’ roll
c. Militarisation of ZEC
d. Militarisation of the electoral process
e. Diaspora Vote
f. That this election be SADC and AU guaranteed.
We demand that these and other reforms be implemented if this country is going to have a truly free, fair and credible election.

I thank you.

MDC Alliance Brings Gwanda To A Standstill – Pelandaba Too Small

MDC Alliance Brings Gwanda To A Standstill – Pelandaba Too Small

The MDC juggernaut was in Gwanda today bringing the town to a halt. People rushed out of their shops and flea-markets to catch a glimpse of the Alliance convoy. Exuberant spectators could be heard shouting “Chamisa Chamisa Chamisa!” from the roadway while spontaneous slogans erupted everywhere. As the convoy made its way to Pelandaba stadium a trail of supporters could be seen tailing it with the road carpeted by a sea of red and green.

It took more than an hour for the convoy to make it into Pelandaba as the stadium was already full to the brim. The stadium erupted in song and dance as the sense of anticipation blew off the rafters.

Chamisa then took to the podium and addressed a number of issues. True to its standing as a listening party, MDC provided a translator as Chamisa addressed the crowd in all the 3 languages. It was a refreshing sight for Chamisa to comfortably attempt to address in Ndebele. The crowd indeed appreciated that linguistic dexterity.

He touched on the dilapidated state of Gwanda University pointing out that the university still does not have finished hostels . He also spoke about Mtshabezi bridge’s condemned state and how that has been affecting the people of Gwanda. Chamisa also addressed the issue of devolution reiterating his plans to devolve and decentralize government to all parts of the country.

On Gukurahundi, Chamisa said it was important that the issue be handled transparently and truthfully so that the nation can heal and move forward. He then called the Alliance elders like Welshman Ncube and Baba Mkandla whom he referred to as the wisdom of the party.

“We hear them saying Chamisa is too young, but they don’t know that I have elders who advice me and give me guidance. In MDC the young are made to lead because they have the energy while the elders give us guidance and wisdom. That is not the case in ZANU PF where the pensioners still want to be on the forefront but relegating the young to the dustbins”

Chamisa also thanked the local organizers for a great job and encouaged people to register to vote and to verify their names on the voters’ roll.

The Alliance team heads for  Dulibadzimu stadium in Beitbridge on Saturday.

MDC Alliance Juggernaut Roars Into Matabeleland South

MDC Alliance Juggernaut Roars Into Matabeleland South

The people’s leader and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Adv. Nelson Chamisa heads for Matabaleland South tomorrow where he is set to address four rallies in three days.
Today, the people’s President will address two huge rallies; one at Maphisa business centre in Matobo and the other at Mawabeni business centre in Umzingwane.

On Friday, he heads for Pelandaba stadium in Gwanda and then concludes his Mat. South juggernaut at Dulibadzimu stadium in Beitbridge on Saturday.

The popular presidential candidate is prioritising rural areas in his campaign, where the majority of the people live. In the second leg of his campaign, he will move to mining towns and urban areas.

His campaign message, anchored on the tripod pillars of transformation, opportunities and prosperity, has enthralled the nation.

President Chamisa has promised a massive transformation of the rural areas and a positive upliftment of the people through a novel and innovative programme dubbed DURA, an acronym for Development and Urbanisation of Rural Areas.

The nation remains enchanted by the youthful and dynamic presidential candidate at a time the inept current leadership has run out of ideas to solve the myriad challenges facing the nation.

Behold the new.

Brace for change that delivers.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential spokesperson and Director of Communications

Meet The Candidate: Fortune Mguni (Daniel Molokele) – Hwange Central

Meet The Candidate: Fortune Mguni (Daniel Molokele) – Hwange Central

Fortune Mguni (also known as Daniel Molokele) is a pro-democracy human rights lawyer well known for his fight for democracy in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Over the years he has also established himself as a pan African civil society leader in the health sector Until recently, he was based at Johannesburg in South Africa. He has now relocated to his hometown of Hwange.

Molokele was born Friday 31st January 1975 at the Wankie Colliery Hospital in the town of Hwange, in the north-western part of Zimbabwe. His father’s name was Godfrey Majahana Mguni. He was a career trade unionist and a well-known community leader in Hwange. Among his accomplishments was being elected as the Workers Committee Chairperson between 1979 and 1994. He was also a key leader of both the Associated Mineworkers Union of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. He died on 28th September 2003.

Molokele’s mother, Jane Mpofu, was a career educator specializing in pre-school education. She has since retired and is now based at Bulawayo.

Soccer and politics runs in Molokele’s family. His father used to play in the amateur football league known as the Wankie Football Association. (WAFA) He was also the Chairperson for a team that played under the WAFA league known as the Zulu Royals Football Club. Perhaps not to be outdone by his dad, Molokele’s younger brother also set up his own successful junior soccer team known as Skyline Football Club. The team used to play under the Lwendulu Football Association (LIFA) during the latter part of the 1980s.


Politically, both of Molokele’s parents were active local leaders for the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) during his entire childhood years. Molokele spent all his childhood years at No.1 Colliery (Lwendulu Village). His family stayed at several homes in Hwange that included P63, O21, L24 and M28. Molokele did all his seven years of primary education at the St Ignatius primary school between 1982 and 1988.

In 1989, he was enrolled at a boarding school (Ingwenya Mission) at Ntabazinduna, just outside Bulawayo where he did his studies from Form 1 to 4 at John Tallach secondary school till 1992. Between 1993 and 1994, he was enrolled at another boarding school in Gweru where he did his A level studies at Fletcher high school. In March 1995, he was admitted at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) law faculty where he completed his Bachelor of Laws honours degree in May 1999.

Molokele was an activist from the time he arrived at the UZ. He was actively involved in various campus platforms such as the Christian Union, Matabeleland Development Society and of course in the mainstream student politics. In this regard, Molokele became one of the most successful student political leaders in the history of Zimbabwe. He was a student leader at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare between 1995 and 1999.

During the said period, he contested in three different elections in which he was elected as the Secretary General, Vice President and then finally as the President of the Students Union. He was also involved in the national and international student politics. Specifically, he was elected as the Vice President of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) from 1997 to 1999. He also participated in different programmes and conferences of the Southern African Students Union (SASU) from 1997 to 1999.

He was one of the prominent student leaders that were instrumental in the setting up of the constitutional movement of Zimbabwe in 1997, the National Constitutional Assembly. (NCA) He was also at the forefront in the role that was played by the students’ movement in the setting up of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999.

Unlike his peers, the late Learnmore Jongwe, Job Sikhala and Tafadzwa Musekiwa, among others, he opted not to be a Member of Parliament in 2000 and chose to work with the broader civil society movement initially in Zimbabwe before focusing at South Africa and Africa at large.

After his university years, Molokele relocated to Bulawayo where he initially worked as a legal practitioner at Ben Baron and Partners. He was soon lured to full time activism when he was appointed as the Bulawayo regional programme officer for the National Constitutional Assembly. (NCA) Afterwards he also worked as the Zimbabwe Southern regional programme officer for the local chapter of Transparency International. (TIZ)

During his Bulawayo years from June 1999 to December 2003, Molokele was actively involved in the setting up of various organisations such as the Christian Legal Society (CLS), Gospel Music Association (GMA) and the Christian Leadership Forum (CLF), Bulawayo Agenda, among others.

Molokele relocated from Bulawayo to Johannesburg in January 2004. Prior to that, Molokele had changed his legal name from Fortune Mguni to Fortune Daniel Molokela-Tsiye in 2000, after a personal quest to reclaim his original family identity. His father’s family only started using the Mguni surname after the death of his grandfather in the early 1970s. The process culminated in him being re-united with his father’s original people, the Batsieng clan in Mahikeng, South Africa, in September 2004.

During his early years in South Africa, Molokele continued his activism and was actively involved with various organisations and platforms. These included the Peace and Democracy Project (PDP), Zimbabwe Diaspora CSOs Forum, Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber (ZDDC) and the Global Zimbabwe Forum. (GZF) In fact, it was due to his active role at the GZF that he was seconded to set up its office at Geneva in Switzerland between May and December 2008.

Molokele has also been employed by various other organisations in South Africa over the years. These include among others, Zimonline Media Trust, Doctors without Borders (MSF), Southern Africa Editors Forum (SAEF), and the World AIDS Campaign International (WACI), Southern Africa Regional Programme on Access to Medicines and Diagnostics (SAPAM) and AIDS Accountability International (AAI)

He was based at Cape Town between May 2009 and April 2011 where he was instrumental in the mobilisation of the Zimbabwean community there under the local chapter of the GZF.

In recent years, Molokele has been actively involved with such platforms as the Zimbabwe Diaspora Support Initiative (ZDESI), Learnmore and Rutendo Jongwe Memorial trust, Friends of Nora Tapiwa, Highlanders FC Bosso South Africa branch and the Southern Africa regional offices for the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

Molokele has also been actively involved with the local South Africa civil society. He has sat in the national boards for such organisations as Transparency International South Africa, Amnesty International South Africa, and MISA-South Africa. He has also been an active member of the South African Institute of International Affairs, Freedom of Expression Institute of South Africa, and the Gender Media Network of Southern Africa.

Molokele has always regarded himself as a creative writer. He has over the years written several unpublished works and manuscripts ranging from biographies, fictional stories, poetry, and movie scripts. Added to that, he has also written regularly in various media forums in South Africa such as the Mail & Guardian and Zimonline. He has written personal column articles in such publications as Moto magazine, NewZimbabwe.com and The Zimbabwean.

Molokele is an active Christian. In this regard, he has been also actively involved in the setting up of both the Johannesburg and Cape Town branches of the Victory Fellowship Church that is originally from Bulawayo. He has also been an active member of Every Nation Church at Rosebank in Johannesburg. He now attends the local Hwange branch of Victory Fellowship Church.

Molokele has also managed to further his studies and now holds a Masters in Human Rights Litigation degree from the University of South Africa. He has also commenced his studies for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with the African Leadership University that is based at Kigali in Rwanda.

He has been married to a supportive partner, Doctor Samukeliso Dube since November 2001 and they have a daughter called Matilda-Jane, who was born on 1 April 2006.

Daniel Molokele

Aspiring MP Candidate for Hwange Central


Cell : +263713726552

Email: danielmolokele@gmail.com
Skype: daniel.molokele1

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MDC President Nelson Chamisa Condemns Unruly Behaviour

MDC President Nelson Chamisa Condemns Unruly Behaviour

An incident involving a group of people accosting and shouting obscenities at our former colleague and Vice President, Thokozani Khupe has been brought to my attention.

I’m also aware that there is an impression that this incident was authored by the party. This is incorrect. I wish to state in very clear terms that whoever these people are, they do not represent me or the party.

The behaviour displayed in that video (in circulation on social media) is deplorable, wrong and is inconsistent with the values that we stand for as a democratic party. It has nothing to do with us and we condemn it in the strongest terms.

No one, not even a political competitor, should be subjected to that kind of disrespectful behaviour. As a party we have championed peaceful and non-violent, democratic change. That is our supreme guiding principle. We are committed to pursue this course and we will not allow or condone any behaviour which derails our mission.

We disassociate ourselves from this incident and where any of our members are identified as part of it, they have not acted with authorisation and disciplinary procedures will be activated.

We want a strong and prosperous Zimbabwe, one in which there is peace, tolerance and progress. We continue to urge Zimbabweans to participate peacefully in the election.
Finally, as I always do, let me urge those who have not yet registered to please take the current opportunity to do so.

Hon. Adv. Nelson Chamisa
President – Movement for Democratic Change

MEET THE CANDIDATE: Councilor Wabantu Denford Ngadziore

MEET THE CANDIDATE: Councilor Wabantu Denford Ngadziore

By Denford Ngadziore MDC T Harare Province Youth Secretary also aspiring Councilor for ward 16.

On Sunday the 6th of May Harare West District held its MEET THE CANDIDATE meeting which was a huge success despite the negative efforts of sabotage prior to the meeting. The meeting recorded the highest turnout for a District Meeting in the last 10 years indicating the ever-growing popularity of our Great Party, led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. This indeed was a foreshadowing of our imminent victory in the upcoming elections.

Special thanks to all the party members who attended the meeting in numbers. The senior Party leadership led by senator Morgan Femai, Leader Viginia Muradzikwa, Leader Paul Madzore, Leader Freaman Gahadzikwa, Leader Womberai Nhende, Leader Mai Jaja,Leader Alexander ,Leader Muza,leader Nathan Chimombe not forgetting my two sisters Diana Nykadzino and Takudzwa Dzumbunu. Your wisdom will continue to guide me as I prepare for the biggest task ahead of Primary elections .
However more work needs to be done during the continuing Voter Registration Exercise and also the upcoming Inspection of the Voters Roll. Together it is possible to reach a total of over 20 000 voters in Ward 16 after inspection only if we all work together like what we did during voter registration blits.

It shall be the duty of every member of MDC in WARD 16 to remain united and focused on the main goal of ensuring that Our MDC Alliance Presidential Candidate Adv. Nelson Chamisa wins this year’s elections and lead us into a New and Prosperous Zimbabwe.

I want to asure you that I will work tirelessly to protect the residents’intrests and for the Ward in general.

Let us all work hard during inspection of the voters roll, and follow up on the success that we achieved during Voter registration where we registered nearly 70% of total Harare West registrants.

A big THANK YOU goes to the residents of Madokero, Maranatha, Sanganai Inn, Westlea,Paraplegic centre, Matidoda,Ashdon Park, Meyrick Park, Mabelreign, Greencroft, Sunridge and Zambezi flats and other Sarbubs for your unwavering and continued support.

Over the weekend am LAUNCHING MY MANFESTO before residents and other stalkholders within Our beloved Comunity.


Chamisa The “Poor” 18 Year Old Girl and Zanu PF Propaganda Gone Wrong

Chamisa The “Poor” 18 Year Old Girl and Zanu PF Propaganda Gone Wrong

by Grace Kwinjeh | The point that should be understood from the onset is that for months now, Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s opponents have made it their duty to watch his every move fault find to humiliate him.

All the noise has nothing to do with love for the 18 year old girl child.

The President’s opponents have failed to come up with alternative ideas and campaign strategies that wow change loving Zimbabweans who see through every deception by Zanu PF having endured 38 years of suffering in the hands of a vile selfish ruling elite.

President Chamisa’s enemies want to cow him into silence, let that be understood from the onset, they will not stop, what is needed now is a vigilant and alert voter to read through the deception. So even if Chamisa reads the bible at a rally the fault finders will find fault and we must not let them divert us at this crucial stage of our struggle standing in the dawn of a new era that ends our slavery.

So selfish even as I write hospitals are closing down, teachers live like paupers yet millions of USD’s are being used on foreign trips, on mega billboard campaigns that bring no added value to the quality of the candidate.

All this noise has nothing to do with the poor girl child.

It is a well orchestrated plan by people standing on roof tops to scream about girl child rights and feminist narratives, protecting a girl who has otherwise suffered more shame and humiliation from the very system some sources of these attacks protect.

The girl child has no future under the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa; where she is dis-empowered pushed into prostitution at the tender age of 13, with many roaming the streets vending to make a living. I will not talk about sanitary ware or her right to education and proper health.

Lovers of the girl child conveniently turn a blind eye when our powerful politicians use their influence to grab her from the cradle and satisfy their sexual pleasures.

I posit here that President Chamisa’s statement has not only been ridiculously taken out of context, except for one or two genuine critics the rest must just sit down and shut up.

We have over the past months seen attempts to humiliate and denigrate our President, from the same crew of hired thugs scoffing at his ‘bullet train’ policy proposal, to other open lies I will not dignify by putting details.

So much is the anger over the current UK visit, President Chamisa and Honouble Tendai Biti and David Coltart, that we are told again in another nonsensical diatribe that the Diaspora does not vote those thousands who attended the Sunday rally are of no value to Zimbabwean politics.

Again one shakes their head in disbelief at such buffoonery. The Diaspora alone in the last 3 years as stated by President Chamisa contributed in remittances an average of $1 billionover the past three years.

An important contribution as the remittances are important as they have a potential to improve our nostro account balances, finance infrastructure projects locally and guarantee foreign borrowings or financial instruments.

This is an important role the Diaspora is playing in the economy, why then should they be excluded in bullet train rallies? They have a stake in as much as they have stake in demanding their vote, other African countries allow for the Diaspora vote, why not Zimbabwe?

President Chamisa is bringing a fresh face to our global politics as he ushers our once isolated country into the community of nations.

MEET THE CANDIDATE: MDC-T Chamisa’s Joana Mamombe To Be Parly’s Youngest Female MP?

MEET THE CANDIDATE: MDC-T Chamisa’s Joana Mamombe To Be Parly’s Youngest Female MP?

In this series of Meet The Candidate, this platform will give you profiles of those candidates who have been confirmed by the MDC Alliance to stand in the ongoing Primary Elections. To start the ball rolling we have Molecular Biologist Joana Mamombe who is campaigning in the Harare West Primary elections, should she win both the Primary and the Parly seat Joana stands to be the country’s youngest female MP. Mamombe joins the ranks of other youthful politicians who have walked before her, these include Party President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, Tafadzwa Musekiwa among others. Below is Joana’s profile.

Joanah Mamombe aspiring Member of Parliament for Harare West Constituency.

Joanah Mamombe was born on 18 June 1993 in Harare. She grew up in a Christian family devoted to the Dutch Reformed Church of Zimbabwe. Joanah is very passionate about young people’s participation in political and governance matters. She is a gender and human rights activist. She strongly believes that 2018 is a defining moment for Zimbabwe and for young people to take the generational challenge to complete Zimbabwe’s transformation to a democratic developmental state. Joanah believes that many young people have been victims of and more than any other generation have felt more acutely the scourge of unemployment and a collapsed economy. She sees herself as a new and young crop of young and dynamic leaders who are dreaming of a new prosperous Zimbabwe. Joanah is campaigning to represent Harare west in the house of Assembly in 2018. Joanah is a passionate supporter of President Nelson Chamisa, the MDC Alliance Presidential candidate for the 2018 Harmonized elections.

Joanah is a trained Molecular Biologist from the Universities of Bergen in Norway and the Sussex in the UK where she Studied an MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetic Manipulation respectively. Her research interests focused on Cancer therapies and neurodegenerative disease called Parkinson’s. Joanah is a recipient of the 2017 Cannon Collins Scholarship a prestigious academic award for postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. In 2016, she was also awarded the Students at Risk Award (STAR), a flagship scholarship for Norwegian Government for students facing persecution in their own countries. Joanah is a graduate of the University of Chinhoyi where she completed a BSc in Biotechnology. She thus has a very strong background in public health and cancer research. Joanah will certainly be an asset to the MDC Alliance as one of the few STEM and young members of parliament.

Joanah has a very strong sense of public service and leadership. She has served as the first female Secretary General at Chinhoyi University and also later served as National Gender Secretary for Zimbabwe`s national students body, ZINASU. In this role, she was involved in and coordinated several campaigns to highlight the plight of students in Zimbabwe. Some of these campaigns came at great personal risk as in 2015 she was heavily beaten and tortured at the hands of police. She has the discipline and courage we seek to see in young people to fight for one’s conviction and rights even in the face of adversity. She is one of the co-founders of #Tajamuka an initiative of young people that challenged the government of Zimbabwe on the growing social and economic challenges in 2016. It is thus no surprise that she now seeks to join the parliament of Zimbabwe. In 2014 in recognition of her courageous work she was chosen to attend a global conference in Denmark marking 100 years of women in politics and leadership. In 2017, Joanah was a keynote speaker at the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe where she spoke about young people as change makers in a rapidly globalizing world. She was also invited as a Guest speaker at the International Students Festival in Trondheim (ISFIT), Norway focusing on public health. All these speaking and global commitments demonstrate her strong leadership skills. She is a global citizen and an effective communicator. She clearly is a rising star in the politics of Zimbabwe and will no doubt make an effective member of parliament.

Joanah has lived in Harare west where her father owns a property. She is a member of the Harare west MDC structures and has also been active in the Youth Assembly. In 2015 Joanah led a program for school leaver education dubbed, “tangira pawakasiira” that sought to prepare MDC youths to sit for O`level exams. The program was closed due to funding challenges but it demonstrates Joanah desire to serve her community. This program was launched by President Tsvangirai and was meant to improve the skills base of the MDC. She was one of the key mobilisers in the 2013 elections and her umbilical code with the Party dates back to her student days in ZINASU. Joanah is thus a loyal child of MDC and Harare West.